set on the banks of the ping river in chiang mai, RAYA HERITAGE is a hotel which brings simplicity & serenity into the lives of its visitors. an epitome of elegant & luxury, the entire property gives one a glimpse of paradise for discovering the unique charms of the region.

inspired by the spirit of LANNA life in former times, it offers a sleek yet contemporary take on traditional thai design. all of the one-of-a-kind furniture pieces, artifacts & accessories are sourced from & often created by hand by local craftspeople. it makes you truly experience the nothern thai culture which are simple, elegant & living in balance with nature & the surrounding community.

from RIN TERRACE SUITE to KRAMM POOL SUITE, it offers 33 spacious enough suite rooms are exceptional in each & every aspect. the generous use of natural materials, artisanal crafted products & textiles enhance the sense of luxury.

‘TRACING THE FADING LEGACY’, stories of living legends’ an all-new exhibition at RAYA HERITAGE, recounts the artisanry, life and cultural traditions of northern thailand’s ancient LANNA period. through the traditional crafts, artifacts and motifs showcased throughout this hotel, together with the stories relayed, the exhibition pays tribute to the craftsmen and women – the “living legends” – who may sadly be the last guardians of LANNA’s invaluable cultural heritage. through the journey chronicled in this exhibition, it is hoped that the age-old knowledge and skills associated with this traditional artisanry would remain in the public consciousness and continue to be passed on to future generations. and it is from these artists, the “masters”, the “teachers” and their passion for their crafts and their stories that the inspiration for this exhibition was drawn. it is with a debt of gratitude to them that we are committed to ensuring their treasured past lives on and their crafts continue to be produced within their communities, providing livelihoods to their makers and reflecting their simple yet graceful approach to life and art.

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