FADE lights are created through a process of blow moulding and vacuum metallisation to achieve pendants with abundant and unusual luminosity. over several years we have worked with some forerunners of german engineering and manufacturing to develop these techniques and produce lamps that create the latest in reflectivity and transparency.

through the use of injection blow moulding, a melted plastic polymer moulding is injected into a massive precision-made steel tool, inflated with compressed air and then cooled.

the mirror finish of each pendant is then created by the highly technical process of vacuummetallisation. the polycarbonate shell is secreted in the interior of a metallic chamber, the air sucked out, and an immense electrical charge channelled through. with a bang and pop a thin strip of copper foil is vaporised into a fine mist of metallic particles that settles across the interior. through careful positioning and metallic portion control we are able to create a special gradating effect along the body of the shell.

a metallised tear drop pendant that focusses the lightbulb’s output into a satisfyingly round and luminous circle. its metallised finish graduates from completely reflective to transparent along the body of the light.

FADE’s graduated finish is created using advanced fading metallization techniques and design by TOM DIXON.

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