HOTEL BOCAGE HUA HIN defies tradition and brings a unique experience to hua hin in the surrounds of the trend setting lifestyle mall, SEENSPACE.

with the ethos of “A LIFE WELL SPENT”, HOTEL BOCAGE, may be small, but it’s thinking big when it comes to luxury. the acclaimed thai architect, DUANGRIT BUNNAG, is the mastermind behind the project. BOCAGE represents a point in life’s journey where all the complexity brings you to simplicity.

sleek open plan rooms and suites with a crisp colour palette of white and grey, range in size from 40 to 80 square meters. luxury Italian designer brands have been tapped for the decor with plush beds by PORRO, contemporary sofas by LIVING DIVANI and freestanding tubs and sanitary ware by ANTONIO LUPI. floor to ceiling sliding doors lead to private balconies, overlooking the gulf of thailand of this resort town located just 2.5 hours from Bangkok.

“it has always been a dream of mine to create a brand that allows me to have an ongoing relationship with a project. my dream is coming true through our creation of HOTEL BOCAGE,” comments BUNNAG. “i am blessed to be collaborating with partners that have the same heart filled spirit in LOUIS T COLLECTION, PORRO, LIVING DIVANI, ANTONIO LUPI, design hotels and star flag to make this a reality.”

“in an area saturated with big resort-style properties, HOTEL BOCAGE is forging a new path when it comes to intimate, uncomplicated stays,” said GRANT HEALY, CEO of LOUIS T COLLECTION, the hotel’s management company. “LOUIS T COLLECTION’s journey started by seeking out unique properties and opportunities for authentic experiences that travellers of today are looking for. this is exactly what DUANGRIT BUNNAG is trying to achieve through the creation of Hotel Bocage.”

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