THE NEW TWIN PEAKS HOUSE in rose bay, sydney is designed by LUIGI ROSSELLI ARCHITECTS , interior design by MARIANNA ATLAS …………. ENJOY!!!

sydney’s ultimate trees are fine port jackson figs.  the pachyderms of the vegetal reign: fruit bearing, with dark glossy leaves and populated by many bird and bat colonies, they form the backdrop to “THE NEW TWIN PEAKS” house.

built on the bones of a solid 1970s rose bay home with an existing single roof ridge to the front and a substantial addition to the rear under a new second roof ridge; these design elements are the aspects that differentiate this NEW TWIN PEAKS from the original, QUEEN ANNE, gabled TWIN PEAKS HOUSE.

designed with a modern language of sharp edges, abstract forms, robust cantilevered canopies and over-sized windows, this project is a contemporary version of the double gables, shingles and traditional glazing of the darling point project.

all photographed by JUSTIN ALEXANDER & JANE MCNEILL.

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