designed by MARC SADLER for FABBRICA PELLETTERIE MILANO, an italian leather goods brand founded in 1946, that has made a comeback with a newly found energy and vigor. it is the expression of the best italian talent & aesthetics, as well as expertise.




100% aluminum, 4-wheeled made in italy suitcase. the incorporated TSA lock (ideal for travelers to the USA) combined with two maxi butterfly locks ensures safety. handcrafted leather details include the top and side handle and the internal belts. the dual wheels developed in japan are extremely silent and smooth as well as being very stable. the interior organizer allows for optimum arrangement of contents.


MARC SADLER is of french origin, but was born in austria, he has lived and worked as a designer in france, the US, asia and italy. he was one of the first designers to major in “esthétique industrielle” at the ENSAD in paris with a thesis on plastic materials. he is also a pioneer in experimental materials and the contamination between technologies, which have become distinctive characteristics of his work. at the beginning of the 70s he created the first ski boots entirely made of a recyclable thermoplastic material, which were subsequently manufactured by the italian company CABER. today, thanks to his eclecticism he is asked to consult for furniture and lighting companies, small and large electrodomestics, sport and other technical fields. over the years, his work has been awarded four times the Compasso d’Oro ADI (1994, 2001, 2008 and 2014), as well as several other awards at the international level.






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