ONE PIECE is a minimalistic desk organizer cut in one single piece of material. the various cutting shapes provide the optimal arrangement for stationary. it makes arranging stationary a pleasant user experience and turns what used to be messy into a beautiful order ………….. look at these radiant gradients, how can i not love them??? ………. ENJOY!!!




CLASSIC (purple/pink)
designed for everyday secretarial work. for pens of various sizes, ruler, cards, notes, scissors and clippers etc.

ARCHITECT (grey/blue)
designed for creatives. possible to insert large-sized markers, drawing tools and a calculator.

GEEK (yellow/green)
designed for people can’t leave electronic devices. special slots are for a phone, a tablet, memory media and batteries.



design by YUUE DESIGN.

YUUE DESIGN is a young design studio based in BERLIN, GERMANY. yuue design creates lights, furniture, accessories of different application and electric devices for companies across the globe. yuue design puts a great amount of value on the interactive and emotional aspects of a product. yuue is also considered as one of the best young chinese design studios active on a global level.

YUUE DESIGN has been invited to showcase works at many exhibitions and fairs including IMM cologne, AMBIENTE in frankfurt, STOCKHOLM FURNITURE & LIGHT FAIR, DESIGN shanghai, MAY DESIGN SERIES in london, 100% design in London etc.

YUUE DESIGN runs an independent art and design magazine called XIAOMING with an online store for contemporary designs. as an active observer of the art and design industry, XIAOMING brings inspiration to the studio and opens up a wide range of possibilities for cooperation.


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thanks for reading & pls share your thoughts with us

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