honestly, iLove everything about this watch by GREYHOURS. from form to materials when i first saw it last year and would like to share with u guys :-)


the meeting of these young entrepreneurs and even the history of the brand are linked in a vision, a dream; the perfect watch, financially accessible to all and not just to a chosen few. their ambition? create a surprising watch brand, both classic and trendy, while taking advantage of exclusive materials commonly used for the manufacture of exceptional high-end timepieces.

this unique approach could only be accomplished by merging the skills of the founders of GREYHOURS: a thorough knowledge of SWISS watchmaking expertise and a mastery of manufacturing techniques that form the vanguard of what is currently practiced in Asia. their passion and unwavering commitment has enabled them to achieve great technological prowess.

hayinstyle-greyhours-watch-essentials-2 hayinstyle-greyhours-watch-essentials-4 hayinstyle-greyhours-watch-essentials-3 hayinstyle-greyhours-watch-essentials-7 hayinstyle-greyhours-watch-essentials-8


perfection and commitment to quality are key factors in the GREYHOURS ateliers. eight years of presence in CHINA has allowed the founders to meet the best partners to support them in their quest for excellence.

they have surrounded themselves with engineer-watchmakers that rank among the most talented in the world. industrial designer JULIEN GUEUNING was entrusted with the task of designing the first model of the brand. with expert support, the GREYHOURS team were able to set up their manufacturing to EU standards, thus giving kudos to the “MADE IN CHINA” label.


hayinstyle-greyhours-watch-essentials-6 hayinstyle-greyhours-watch-essentials-5 hayinstyle-greyhours-watch-essentials-9

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