a perfume bottle especially designed for the fragrance themed group exhibition to be held in “ORTO BOTANICO BRERA”, the historical botanical garden, located in the old city quarter of the BRERA district in central MILAN. the participating designers were each given a task to redesign a product of a perfume brand that no longer exists today.

NENDO was commissioned to redesign a perfume bottle named FANDANGO BY KOEHLER, which was popular in RUSSIA in the 19th century. and he decided to use the original bottle’s silhouette as the inside tube. they are named “FANDAGO -12.3°C” & FANDAGO +23.1°C, which are the average temperatures of the winters & summers in MOSCOW where KOEHLER used to be ………. genius …… ENJOY!!!

hayinstyle-fandango-by-koehler-nendo-perfume-2015-2 hayinstyle-fandango-by-koehler-nendo-perfume-2015-3 hayinstyle-fandango-by-koehler-nendo-perfume-2015-4 hayinstyle-fandango-by-koehler-nendo-perfume-2015-5 hayinstyle-fandango-by-koehler-nendo-perfume-2015-6

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