models BENJAMIN EIDEM, CLEMENT CHABERNAUD, ERIK VAN GILS, JPHANNES SPAAS, NIELS TRISPEL & TIM SCHUHMACHER are photographed by WILLY VANDERPERRE for VOGUE HOMMES INTERNATIONAL, spring/summer 2015 ……… new age, new looks for fashionable men  ……….. ENJOY!!!

hayinstyle-willy-vanderperre-vogue-hommes-international-2015-2 hayinstyle-willy-vanderperre-vogue-hommes-international-2015-3 hayinstyle-willy-vanderperre-vogue-hommes-international-2015-4 hayinstyle-willy-vanderperre-vogue-hommes-international-2015-5 hayinstyle-willy-vanderperre-vogue-hommes-international-2015-6 hayinstyle-willy-vanderperre-vogue-hommes-international-2015-7 hayinstyle-willy-vanderperre-vogue-hommes-international-2015-8 hayinstyle-willy-vanderperre-vogue-hommes-international-2015-9

all styled by OLIVIER RIZZO, hair by ANTHONY TURNER & make-up by LYNSEY ALEXANDER.

hayinstyle-willy-vanderperre-vogue-hommes-international-2015-10 hayinstyle-willy-vanderperre-vogue-hommes-international-2015-11 hayinstyle-willy-vanderperre-vogue-hommes-international-2015-12 hayinstyle-willy-vanderperre-vogue-hommes-international-2015-13

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  1. Beautiful men. Beautiful clothes. But why are the photographs called “portraits?” The photos tell me nothing about the boys in the pictures. Perhaps you can say that they evoke classical portraits from paintings of the past.

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