BUTTERFLY gets its name from the “butterfly” shape created by the outer corner that joins the armrest and the backrest. it is a modular seating system that responds effectively to the needs of modularity & comfort, suitable for free and informal usage. designed by PATRICA URQUIOLA for B&B ITALIA………. now you know sofa for outdoor use can also be that elegant & aesthetically pleasing too ………. ENJOY!!!

hayinstyle-beb-italia-outdoor-butterfly-sofa-2015-6 hayinstyle-beb-italia-outdoor-butterfly-sofa-2015-2 hayinstyle-beb-italia-outdoor-butterfly-sofa-2015-4 hayinstyle-beb-italia-outdoor-butterfly-sofa-2015-5 hayinstyle-beb-italia-outdoor-butterfly-sofa-2015-3

PATRICIA URQUIOLA was a proud architecture student of ACHILLE CASTIGLIONI. then met VICO MGISTRETTI during the partnership with an italian design company. both of them noticed her talent and advised her to aspire to achieve the highest professional standards at a worldwide level. (isn’t she lucky all the way?)

she continuous to shine and designed many good stuffs for b&b italia, bosa, boffi, cappellini, cassina, de vecchi, fasem, kartell, liv’it, MDF italia, molteni & C., moroso and tronconi. iLike her works since way back to 1999. her rare uniqueness ( focuses on the design of exchangeable units without using modular elements, and successfully creates environments designed to encourage positive feelings and company ) bought her to another level and you can simply tell by the product itself. simple art-piece like / spanish mixed italian design / elegant, yet sophisticated.

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