supermodel GISELE BUNDCHEN is photographed by photographer duo MERT & MARCUS for LUI magazine, issue of june 2014 …….. who can pose better than her in swimwear? exotic, elongated body with sex appeal ……….hummmmm, i can’t think of anyone at the moment and will let you guys know once i find out who can compete with her ……… ENJOY!!!hayinstyle-gisele-bundchen-mert-and-marcus-lui-magazine-2 hayinstyle-gisele-bundchen-mert-and-marcus-lui-magazine-3 hayinstyle-gisele-bundchen-mert-and-marcus-lui-magazine-4 hayinstyle-gisele-bundchen-mert-and-marcus-lui-magazine-5 hayinstyle-gisele-bundchen-mert-and-marcus-lui-magazine-6

all styled by GEORGE CORTINA, hair by SHAY ASHUAL & make-up by AARON DE MEY.hayinstyle-gisele-bundchen-mert-and-marcus-lui-magazine-8hayinstyle-gisele-bundchen-mert-and-marcus-lui-magazine-7 hayinstyle-gisele-bundchen-mert-and-marcus-lui-magazine-11 hayinstyle-gisele-bundchen-mert-and-marcus-lui-magazine-10 hayinstyle-gisele-bundchen-mert-and-marcus-lui-magazine-9 hayinstyle-gisele-bundchen-mert-and-marcus-lui-magazine-12

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