iLove this all-black desert house in YUCCA VALLEY, CALIFORNIA was designed by architect couple OLLER & PEJIC. well-formed with all straight lines, nothing excessive and minimal enough to be styled and furnished in any theme nor style.


but interior/styling wise ………. it seems a bit lost to me, pls see my points on some of the pix as below ……. :-( tell me what you think later!!!!





TOGO sofa by LIGNE ROSET in leather are perfect for the living room, tks to its low sitting but i think it should be placed in the centre of living room, definitely not leaning against the wall ……. and those color lounging cushions should be upholstered in grey or graphite …… those 2 victorian armchairs in yellow are obviously good enough to highlight the whole room …….. now it’s kinda all over the place with inexpensive colors!!! :-(


the BLUSHING ZETTEL’Z chandelier by INGO MAURER are perfect to go with KNOLL’s PLATNER dining table, they look timelessly elegant and complimenting each other well ……. but once again, why they chose MASTER plastic chair by KARTELL???? i’m not against this chair but i’m sure it would look much nicer for outdoor thou…… :-( !!!! STOOL ONE by MAGIS in red are carefully chosen in the kitchen area ….. STYLIST’s problem???


i’m supposed to think the owner of the house are edgy thinking and really concern about aesthetic of almost everything because they chose their home in ALL BLACK ….. why on earth they would chose a mediocre outdoor set like these …… no further comment at all …… i’m totally lost, aren’t you????
SUGGESTION: a set of 1966 collection by B&B italia in BLACK would be their solution :-)


this is the most enjoyable area for me, monochrome with single color !!!! well done!!!


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