laptop dock by LA BOITE CONCEPT

your all-in-one acoustic speaker + woofer + desk


the 1st high end dock delicated to the laptop!!! it came to my attention at LA CITE de la mode at et du design for the paris design week in september. this gorgeous high gloss piano lacquered top with walnut wood feet is awesome. simply plug your laptop and it turns into hi-fi.


it also comes in different finishings on feet: 25mm piano lacquer black, dark grey, red, white for LD120 and 30mm mat black or piano lacquer or guitar natural wood + lacquer for LD130.




last but not least, wireless music kit is inter-grated in the trapdoor. so you can play wireless music via your smartphone, iPad or laptops. that’s why i called it ALL-IN-ONE :-)

“3 generations of the same family have come together to create La Boite Concept and CC LAB laboratories: Marie Cagniard Yeramian, founder and director of the SIARE loudspeaker company in 1945; Thierry, her son, director of the speaker system division of the same company in 1972. And now the latest generation of the Cagniard family: Guillaume, creative designer in the advertising field since 2005 and Timothée, entrepreneur since 2003. The speakers built by La Boite Concept and CC LAB laboratories represent the natural evolution of this family experience and result from an opportune encounter with Family expertise in High Fidelity since 1945 Galaxie, by SIARE, 1980 Yvon Maurel, electro-acoustic researcher since 1999. After receiving his doctoral thesis on the active control of audio systems, he participated in academic study and consulted on the design of exclusive speaker systems in prominent buildings in France (churches, public places, palaces …). Excited by the technical challenge of mixing high fidelity and speak er system designed into one unit and cognizant of innovations in new sound technologies, he has been responsible for the R & D program of the company for the last four years.”

for more information, pls visit their official website: laboite concept

available in H.K. at:

ALUMINIUM: shop f, g/f & basement, queen’s centre, 58-64 queen’s road east, wanchai / 2577-4066

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