KLM – well-designed interiors that makes your flight feels like home

during my last flight from amsterdam to hong kong, i was pretty surprised & relaxed because of the whole 12 hours flight wasn’t that long as i would expected. maybe because i was too busy to check out their well-designed stuff from tableware to the seat. in 2011, they had invited MARCEL WANDERS (well-known dutch designer / creative director + founder of an unconventional brand “MOOOI“) to create a  new dinner service for them. from porcelain, glassware, cutlery, linen to a tray. trust me, it’s very typically DUTCH character that you will never forget.




last year, KLM invited another weird/unconventional dutch designer HELLA JONGERIUS (but iLike her stuffs) to develop a comprehensive vision for its interior, it was a BIG DEAL in the aviation industry. it because a new aircraft parts usually are just selected from the available stock. not a total makeover from curtain, carpet, divider to the whole seat. the new interior offer you a more restful environment with greater personal privacy and considerably superior & comfort…………. WAKE UP, ( a matter of course, all the above great changes are only applied on business class passengers).








wait a minute, she is now doing it for economy class as well. it may be a little steps but i can see KLM are really adding a sense of luxury and tactility to the whole flying experience. well done!!!


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