RO lounge chair by FRITZ HANSEN


i saw this RO chair by FRITZ HANSEN at salone de mobile 2013 in milan, it really caught my attention cos’ it’s absolutely gorgeous and adorable in presence. since then, i haven’t heard of any news that chair ETA will be :(


top 5 reasons to explain why you will fall in love with this easy chair easily:

1/ super comfy, it’s a 1½-seater where you can relax, change positions and have your favorite magazine or iPad and create a new comfort zone. (however, unless your body is a temple, sit on the floor and connect to the nature then, u know how picky people are these days)

2/ simple organic-form sculptural design but also elegant enough to please both the eyes & the body

3/ designed by JAIME HAYON (spanish, a raising star in furniture field. his fame is quite similar as DAMIEN HIRST in art market) and made with excellent craftsmanship by FRITZ HANSEN (well-known danish manufacturer for the famous EGG, SWAN & my favorite PK series)


4/ it comes in various color options that you can choose from monochrome to bright colors like violet, blue & yellow. if you prefer softer colors, they have light pink, sage-green & sand for you too.


5/ according to their listed retail price, it’s only EURO 1,941 w/o VAT………….what? it’s even cheaper than a designer’s handbag and i’m not kidding!!!! i’m so gonna get one and hopefully it will be available before this x’mas :-)


  1. i would love love to have this chair in my reading corner! it looks super comfty..


    1. it does darlin’!!! try it out and they said chairs will hit the stores this october in europe regions :-)


  2. i will surely check it out! :)


    1. cool 👍👍👍


  3. Angela · · Reply

    Love the colours and the elegant yet friendly curves!


    1. 👍👍me too 😝😝


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